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Why should you see a therapist?

One of the greatest and most obvious sources for support is family and friends. Even when they are our great source of help, the usual ‘fix it’ advice is most of the time not. More often than not, it contains statements such as ‘’this worked for me when I had such and such thing happen to me so you have to do this and that, it helped me.’’  Experiencing advice… Read More »Why should you see a therapist?

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Going to therapy isn’t a sign of weakness

Maybe you were raised to believe you should be completely self-reliant, Seeking professional help takes strength. Seeking help is smart. We’re not experts in all areas. When your car is broken, you can go to a mechanic, when your leg is in pain you need to go to the doctor, so when you are upset, insecure about yourself or your decisions, you feel the tension and as if your “soul… Read More »Going to therapy isn’t a sign of weakness

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People only see what we put in our shop window

Life is sometimes difficult (no one said it won’t be) but everything passes, even the difficult period. In the end, everything will be fine, if it is not yet, it just means that it is not over yet. Until then, you will need love, faith, and hope. It is easier when the meaning leads you, your personal and not someone else’s. The outdated meaning should be replaced by meaningful ones,… Read More »People only see what we put in our shop window

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Write down your dreams in a notebook regularly because they are your ” the Royal Road to the Unconscious”

Some dreams are big, some seem quite ordinary, and some are persistent, repeated over the years. Interpretation will be possible only on the basis of the meaning that the dreamer carries. Various things can be said about dreams except that they are lies. They relieve us of excess burden and enrich our life and existence by adding another dimension to this material 3D world

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He who boasts eats healthily

Ignoring is at the top of psychological sins. There is nothing worse than that because it is a great nothing that triggers existential fear. Punishment is in the second place together with criticism, referring only to their negative phenomena. On the bright side are the positive reviews that follow the mistakes and offer us life lessons. Praises and awards are well-known stars of friendly relations, but they are rarely used.… Read More »He who boasts eats healthily