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Uros Rajakovic

Photo by Gaelle Marcel on Unsplash

If even plan B doesn’t work, there are 24 letters left

Life is sometimes difficult (no one said it won’t be) but everything passes, even the difficult period. In the end, everything will be fine, if it is not yet, it just means that it is not over yet. Until then, you will need love, faith and hope. It is easier when the meaning leads you, your personal and not someone else’s. The outdated meaning should be replaced by the meaningful… Read More »If even plan B doesn’t work, there are 24 letters left

Photo by kalei peek on Unsplash

He who boasts eats healthily

Ignoring is at the top of psychological sins. There is nothing worse than that because it is a great nothing that triggers existential fear. Punishment is in the second place together with criticism, referring only to their negative phenomena. On the bright side are the positive reviews that follow the mistakes and offer us life lessons. Praises and awards are well-known stars of friendly relations, but they are rarely used.… Read More »He who boasts eats healthily